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5 Dental Tips for a Lovely Valentine’s Day

5 Dental Tips for a Lovely Valentine’s Day
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Mother Teresa said, ” Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” If you are currently in a relationship or in “the quest” to find that special one, is important to considerate take an urgent care of your smile. So, in order to have a wonderful encounter this Valentine’s day take account of this tips:

1. Beware of the sweets! We know that this day chocolates and heavy sweets are a real temptation cause they affect your dental health but if you can’t resist, make sure to rinse your mouth with water or chew a sugar-free gum that way you can remove the sour sensations after eating sweets.
2. Take your breath seriously. There is nothing more critical to be a good kisser than correct a bad breath, and especially when you know that there’s nothing like the first kiss. If you adolesce of a smelly breath, toss the mint and lookout for a permanent solution, most of the time can be related to a gum disease or a bad dental hygiene. Make sure to brush your teeth after eating, use a mouthwash to kill the germs, floss them and don’t forget your gums cause there are a lot of residues left under them.
3. Treat yourself to a dental care appointment. Your smile can be the door to many good things and both, you and your loved one, deserve a clean and healthy smile.
4. Drink more water. Dehydration puts oral health at risk, a dry mouth is one of the warning signs that can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria wich can result in bad breath and cavities.
5. Illuminate your face with a brighter smile. Because no one likes yellow when refers to the teeth, consult with you dentist for no-abrasive ways to whitening your teeth and smile with confidence this Valentine’s day.
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