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All Ceramic Emax



  • More transclucent than Zirconia
  • Easy prep and placement
  • Can be cemented or Bonded
  • No chips, No cracks, (360MPA)
  • No more dark margins

All Ceramic Emax

Indications: Ideal for single-unit crowns only

E.Max Press Indications:

Ideal for crowns, inlays, onlays  and veneers, and up to 3 Unit anterior bridges.


Emax Restorations are the perfect solution for both anterior posterior cases where function meets esthetics. (No Copings). Made from a lithiun disilicate glass, this highly monolithic translucent material boasts over 360 MPA. in flexural strenght it is more translucent than other materials and is guaranteed not to chip or crack, ideal in cases where space on the buccal is limited.