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Border security in Nogales, Santa Cruz County

The safety of our patients comes first, Smile Dental Care is located in a safe and reliable place.

Here is a video and Sheriff Tony Estrada letter of Nogales, Az.

A common misconception that visitors may perceive when planning a trip to Nogales-Santa Cruz County, is that the Southern region of Arizona, particular Nogales, Arizona is unsafe and unsuitable for families to vacation here.

At the Tourism & Visitor Center, we hear countless comments from domestic and foreign visitors saying how their idea of Nogales-Santa Cruz County turned out to be the complete opposite. Recently, the families from the traveling teams of the Little League Tournament that visited us this summer, commented that their stay had been nothing but comfortable and enjoyable in our “very friendly community”.

On behalf of Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada and the Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce, we welcome you to our community! Nogales-Santa Cruz County is one of the safest border communities along the U.S./Mexico Border as stated by Sheriff Estrada in his letter, “I would personally like to assure that Nogales, Arizona and Santa Cruz County are extremely safe, visitor friendly, and eager to welcome visitors, businesses and new residents to our community.”

We want visitors and future residents, to call Nogales-Santa Cruz County a community of comfort, relaxation, adventure, culture and importantly, safe and secure.