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CEREC is the CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in just one appointment. With CEREC, you have quickly and safely desired results for your needs and your aesthetic restorations. A further important object is also achieved.

This technology is the digital impression and computer-aided design from CEREC with the diagnostic reliability. Surgical and prosthetic implant planning go hand in hand to achieve a convincing result: Higher treatment quality and a time-saving workflow.





These are some advantages of CEREC:

  • Simultaneous prosthetic and surgical planning for a better smile.
  • Better diagnosis based on accurate 2D x-ray images.
  • Faster and better decisions to make a great job for you.
  • More safety, precision, and time savings when performing implants with CEREC.
  • Optimal chairside superstructures – temporaries, individual abutments and definitive care,
  • And better and efficient clinical and cost-effective work.