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cheap ray bans Cloud infrastructure giant Amazon announced on Thursday it has partnered with infrastructure as a service provider Eucalyptus to help customers move data between their private clouds and Amazon Web Services

Amazon Signs Cloud Computing Firm Eucalyptus as Private Cloud Partner

Cloud infrastructure giant Amazon announced on Thursday it has partnered with infrastructure as a service provider Eucalyptus to help customers move data between their private clouds and Amazon Web Services, according to a report by ReadWriteCloud.

Under the partnership, Amazon will provide full support to Eucalyptus to extend its compatibility with AWS APIs. The partnership should alleviate any concerns about Amazon going after Eucalyptus for software patents as many have speculated.

The deal is a clear indication that Amazon has acknowledged that private clouds are a demand that needs to be actively addressed. The cloud provider has long been known for its resistance against offering on premise clouds, which was only further cemented by comments made by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels in June 2010 when he argued against the private cloud.

Companies that want to have on premise control of some of their cloud computing for a long time can now go through Eucalyptus for that level of control and AWS compatibility.

On a technical level, the deal doesn have a real impact on Eucalyptus services, as the company has been providing a private cloud stack with API compatibility with EC2 and S3 for a while now.

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The partnership will, however, provide Eucalyptus with the strong backing of Amazon, which has long been the market leader in cloud infrastructure.

Since its launch, Eucalyptus has continued to make major technical improvements to its enterprise and open source editions, and has been steadily building its customer base.

is famous for the rigor with which it builds out services; the now legendary Steve Yegge rant is a testament to that rigor, said Greg DeKoenigsberg, vice president of community for Eucalyptus. chose to partner with Eucalyptus because we were a great technical fit. Meeting AWS technical standards is a significant achievement, and we are extremely proud to be up to that lofty standard. technical team will help Eucalyptus to improve the fidelity of the Eucalyptus implementation of the AWS API over time, said DeKoenigsberg,.

Meanwhile, Eucalyptus will continue to be distributed under the GPLv3, with the exception of a few proprietary features that are aimed at its larger customers.

The partnership could potentially dissuade those customers that were looking into other open source cloud options, such as OpenStack, now that Eucalyptus/Amazon is offering on premises and public clouds.

DeKoenigsberg also said that the deal positions the AWS APIs as the standard in the industry, calling it a step forward in cementing the AWS API as the de facto API for cloud computing, be it public, private, or hybrid. recently addedthird party support for operating systems running Amazon EC2. Last week, customers of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud suffered 20 minutes of downtime at its North Virginia data center.

Talk Back: Are you currently using an alternative cloud solution? With this partnership, are you now considering hosting your data with Eucalyptus? Let us know in the comments.

by Nicole Henderson on Tuesday, September 27 2011

September 27, 2011 Data center provider Telx announced on Tuesday that it has formed a strategic alliance with cloud computing solution provider Hexagrid Computing. According to the press release, the relationship will enable Telx’s managed service provider and enterprise colocation customers in its 15 "cloud connection" centers to build customized cloud environments with Telx interconnection services and Hexagrid’s cloud computing platform. Read More

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