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Digital HD Panoramic X-Ray

Digital X Ray

resolution and control radiography accompanied by dynamic image enhancement to allowimages to be adjusted to suit every clinicians indivisuals preference multiple image settings are available to suit the unique needs of general dentisty we balanced image appearance endodontic at high contrast damaging to assit diagnosis immediately carrier dot with low contrast managing to emphasize bone density and soft tissue and restored with the highest contrast setting to focus on lesions in annapolis and then shick thrity-three supporing software allows the creation of customized creases forty sets that all out each clinician to automatically captured her image is and their preferred appearance insurance with image capture as well as ease of use and flexibility and multi doctor practice compatible with the eagle soften patterson imaging software shick thirty three also accompanied by cd-r dicom five the latest release of shakes intuitive emission software with features that include new image enhancement tools viewing options and multiple image sharing options to assist dental practives in communicating images quickly and easily.