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Mini and Midi Implants


What is the MINI and MIDI Implants ?

On average these implants cost just over half the price of conventional implants and they may, therefore, be an option for those patients who have previously discounted the idea of implants due to cost. These implants may only be used in certain circumstances and when a tooth or teeth requiring replacement have been missing for at least 6 months and the site is fully healed.

There are 2 main advantages to this design:

No surgery is required to place these implants. Once the area is anaesthetised (numb), a small pilot hole is drilled straight through the soft tissue and into the bone – no cutting of the tissue is required and, therefore, no sutures are required either. The implant is then screwed into place making the procedure very quick and almost painless. 50% of our patients who are treat in this way do not need to take any painkillers after the implant is placed.

The type of thread on the implant allows for a very tight union between the implant and the bone thus allowing teeth to be fitted immediately. Also, because of its taper, the implant expands the available bone and, in many cases, allows implants to be placed in a reduced volume of bone without having to go through separate bone augmentation procedures.