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A full services dental clinic in Nogales

Smile Dental Center Nogales is a full-service dental clinic located in Nogales Sonora Mexico. Just A few steps from the border


We are the first option for your dental needs .

Not the oldest but the best Dental Clinic in Nogales

Only a few steps aways from the border

Smile Dental Care Clinic is a relatively new dental clinic in Nogales designed specifically for USA patients. The modern clinic has the same quality equipment that you will find in any US dental office. It has three dental stations to serve their patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Dra. Corona is one of a group of specialized dentists are ready to serve their patients at a centralized location, about 1/2 block from the border.

As you can see from the map and photo below, they are located about 2/3 the way south on the west side of the Plaza Pesqueira. The care offered includes Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Dental The doctors and staff are also skilled in providing the special attention that children required, as well as the adults.


Smile Dental Center Nogales works with Dental Insurance from the US. Call us to check your coverage and make sure you are covered. As a trusted clinic we help you use your coverage.


We know that dental care can be expensive. We regularly offer promotions to help with the cost. Combined with the savings of working with a Nogales Dentist we offer additional discounts.

A team of dedicated specialists for all your dental needs in one location. Our dentists are licensed and trained in the latest techniques and our staff is English speaking and fully trained

We have to build an effective laboratory in the house. In other clinics normally takes multiple visits and weeks to complete dental work. We can do it in one visit! Come see why we can do it for you today.


Fully trained and certified dental professionals


Dr. Erika Valle


Dr. Erika Valle is a specialist in Endodontics and General Dentistry. She earned her Bachelor of Dentist Surgeon from (UACJ) Autonomous Ciudad Juarez University (Chihuahua, Mexico). Further expanding her knowledge by postgraduate at Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo College of Dentistry ( Morelia, Mexico) since 2006.


Dr. Alan Ayala


Dr. Alan is a Bilingual Dentist Surgeon specialist in Orthodontics with advanced experience in Maxillary Orthopedics and clinical skills in Cranio-cervical-mandibular dysfunction. Member of the Mexican Association of Orthodontics and Smile Dental Family since 2014.

Dr. Noel Corona


Dr. Corona stays at the top of his field through dedicated work as a Dentist Surgeon in Smile Dental Nogales. He has two diplomates in Rehabilitation from COES Hermosillo and Pafro Dr. Vernaza in Argentina. Certificated in Digital Smile Design. He also participated in Occlusion Congress in Colombia.


Dr. Diana Silva


Known for her experience in General Dentistry. Dr. Silva is a Dentist Surgeon with a Certified Diplomate in Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. A member of the Smile Dental Family since 2010.


Dr. Karla Oropeza


Dr. Oropeza stays at the top of her field through dedicated work as a dental surgeon, Orthodontist, and Maxillary Orthopedics. A member of the Smile Dental Family since 2016, She brings all of her knowledge, passion, and talent to her patients, using the latest dental-tech.


Dr. Regina Villegas


Dr. Villegas is a specialist in CAD-CAM Technology with a lot experience and clinical skills in General Dentistry. She earned her Bachelor of Dentistry from Autonomous Nayarit University (Nayarit, Mexico).


Dr. Alonso Fukushima


Dr. Fukushima is a Board-Certified Diplomate in Endodontics. He received his post-graduate degree from Autonomous Nayarit University (Nayarit, Mexico). Is a member of The Mexican Association of Dentists Surgeons.


Nohemi Rojas


A key member of Smile Dental Clinic since 2008. Bilingual Head of the insurance department.

A short drive from Tucson and Just a few steps from the Mexican Border in Nogales

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Plaza Pesqueira # 40, Ste. C.

Nogales, Sonora 84030, Mexico


9 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday

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